Installing Custom Theme

Hi all!

I am setting us a small website, I mostly use HTML/PHP coding but now I am looking for an easy to use CMS so other people can easily edit content, no need for anything fancy... I am considering using Concrete5.

Things start acting strange from the very start, I'm not sure if this is a message telling me to stay away from this product and stick to my old habits...

I just installed Concrete5 version so this is a clean install...

I created a basic theme and uploaded it into the themes folder...
Guess what, nothing appears in the 'pages and themes' page, 'More Themes' just states : " Download more themes from the marketplace. "
I tried renaming the theme, no change, I copied an existing theme from my themes folder (obviously changed name) but alas, nothing shows either.

Any hints for me ? If nothing goes I guess I'll move on and evaluate something else...

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C5LABS replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi there, I would recommend you to download a free theme and inspect it properly.
Then you can create your own based on the same principles applied.
For a how to tutorial follow Frz at:
Converting a site into a theme
and at:
"concrete-ize" a basic HTML theme in 8 minutes
djeeke replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks C5LABS,

I looked at those tutorials even before posting my query ;-)

As I wanted to keep first things easy I followed these instructions:

A plain simple empty theme, I expected not much could go wrong...

But obviously their step 6 is going wrong as no new theme shows...

I will act as in and report back here.
C5LABS replied on at Permalink Reply
Let me know how you get on.
djeeke replied on at Permalink Reply
Was a no-go, did not show up either...

To make sure I installed concrete5 on another server and tested...
It worked...

I wiped out and reinstalled Concrete5 on the initial server and ...
It works...

Not sure what I did wrong but the main thing is I got it working, both the empty and converted are there...

Thanks, I'm off to play now with the template !
C5LABS replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok good luck, thanks for the best answer!
djeeke replied on at Permalink Reply
You're welcome, your answer was the best one as it is good for anybody having similar issues to easily find tutorials ;-)

Sorry to have bothered you and thank you for your support (prompt answers), since it was a fresh installation I did not expect something would be wrong, I learned something, which is not even to trust fresh installs ;-)