Is it safe to delete some folders and files inside the folder 'files'?

I have just updated my website to C5's last version and all it's ok.
But I have got only 500 Mb of hosting, and I having some space problems now.
The size of each folder is:
concrete 32 700 KB
config 12.0 KB
files 200 656 KB
jobs 4.00 KB
languages 184 KB
packages 880 KB
updates 40 568 KB

There is a lot of subfolders and files in the "files" main folder. The date of most of them is one o more years ago. And there is a "tmp" folder, sized 164 Mb, with some .zip files inside.
Would it be safe to delete his content?


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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
only the tmp folder is safe to delete
frankysev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello. Thank you for your answer.
I have tried to delete some of the oldest files, but the system doesn't let me to do it. All them are write protected, and I can't even change the files attributes.