Issue with upgrade to 5.5.1

I have attempted to upgrade to 5.5.1

The site seems to work fine. However when I look in with admin, I see a grey bar but no buttons. When I debug in the browser it gives me a Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dialog' of undefined as well as Uncaught ReferenceError: ccm_activateToolbar is not defined.

If I comment out the statement <?php define('DIRNAME_APP_UPDATED', 'concrete5.5.1');?> in the site.php file in the config directory to my original version, then the grey bar contains working buttons from the original version.

I am using a custom theme that contains the jquery.js

Any thoughts

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forerunners replied on at Permalink Reply
Please disregard as I found the answer in another thread
jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply
Where did you find the answer?
alexlana replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe here:

Just put it on header (work for me):
$html = Loader::helper('html');
$this->addHeaderItem($html->javascript('jquery.ui.js', 'CORE'));
$this->addHeaderItem($html->css('jquery.ui.css', 'CORE'));
<?php  Loader::element('header_required'); ?>
avannoord replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you explain what you did to fix this? I'm having the same issue. Thanks!