Links Not Working

The links to my pages only work if I login. I've check permissions and all looks correct. What am I missing? (version 8)

Even if I manually enter the path to a page it redirects back to the home page.

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you published all the pages? If so, it may be possible that you haven't approved the pages. Try going to the pages and look for a blue "Approve this version" button. If it hasn't been approved, it may not show to the public.
CArts replied on at Permalink Reply
Pages are saved and the permissions are set to allow Guest to view.
westwaleswebsites replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you checked to see if you have accidentally set a 301 permanent redirect to do go index.php within your control panel which might be causing this?

Either that or possibly canonical settings within concrete5?