Linux Installation - Not Writable By Web Server

I have successfully installed Concrete5 on my Windows 10 desktop. However, I'm attempting to install it in Linux also because I have a laptop with a light version of Linux (LXLE), hoping to use that in the library, working on my Concrete5 project. I am running into various issues getting my Linux side to work. For anyone who is a Linux guru or whatever, is it best to use the command line to install the LAMP stack to include PHP, MySQL and Apache, or can it be done just as well with a GUI like Synaptics Package Manager? The various online descriptions I've seen so far don't seem to cover it very well. My latest error preventing installation was "The packages/, application/config and application/files/ directories must be writable by your web server." That was the only error remaining that did not pass the requirements to allow installation. So far, I have not been able to determine the problem.

Thanks if anyone can assist. --Jerry in Michigan, USA

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Just give folders/directories permissions to write?