Logging in with Tablet.

Good day.

Small problem, when I login to my C5 site admin backend, sommetimes I get logged in fine.

However when I tap on "Pages and Themes" OR any admin option - I get bouncec back to the login page.

After this, I randomly get "Account is disabled".

Yet on a PC, "no harm, no fowl".

Ver: C5.8. everything is fine with the site, just this issue.

Tablet Browsers: Chrome, FF, Dolphin...

This is not a critical issue, but is something we'd like to fix up for our client asap.

Tx, BW

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Does this happen with all tablets or just one specific one?
Is this tablet on a wifi network or using a phone service?

I've seen some issues like this where a network provider is running caching and causing issues on a website.
barbedwire replied on at Permalink Reply
Good question, I will check when back from my biz trip and post.

Tx for the tip...