making a whole new website

I have started yesterday with C5 and i have messed up so many thing that i want to start all over again.
But searching this forum (not so handy forum if you ask me) i cannot find it.
Even i couldn't logg in this morning and somebody helped me to fix this one.
But now i have lost my previous versions of the site i was working on.

Now my question is: how can i start all over again, with a whole fnew fresh site??

Thanks in advance

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bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Reply
you will need to wipe out the database and delete the config file to start from scratch. Assuming you have FTP access to your website.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
To start over, I would create a new database through my host's Control Panel and write down the username, password and database name. Then delete the '[root]/config/site.php' file. Now when you visit your site, the installation process should start again and you can enter the new database info you wrote down.

Once your site is working on the new database, you can visit your host's Control Panel again and delete the unused database. Make sure you don't delete the new database that's working!
Sjonnies1256 replied on at Permalink Reply
i will try. Is it better to make it with a blank site or with a template wich comes with it?

and how comes i won't get an email when somebody gives a reply on this tread. I have put my emailadress in my profile?
madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
Blank sites are normally for concrete5 veterans who know exactly what they are doing.
If this is your first go then I would suggest you install the sample content when your site is being set up.

You can choose from any of the built in templates or look make your own or to buy one from the Marketplace.

You may not be getting mails if you did not tick the 'Monitor this post' check box when you wrote your post or your mails are being blocked by a spam filter somewhere.