Manual Database Installation

Hey guys, I have searched and was unable to find any valuable information about this.

I'm wanting to test out Concrete on a free web host(I know, i know :S), but I have errors with both the Softaculous installer and a manual install, both with MySQL errors. The Softaculous one is a limitation on the free host, and the second error was very long and not very explanatory. I would be happy to try again but in the mean time, is there an SQL File I can manually import, and skip the built-in installer?

(On second thought, I will go ahead and try the install again and update this with the details)

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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
What are the SQL errors you are getting? And by manual install, you are just downloading the C5 zip file and uploading it to your web hosting correct?
bittiez replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry for the delay, my account was deemed spam for some reason, I'm back now though!

Doing a manual installation(Downloading the file and uploading it to host)

Full site install
Database details are correct(Some of the tables appear in my database, until this error occurs)
No Advanced settings changed from default

Sorry for the single line of text, that's just how it pasted =/
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Does the database user have full permissions on the database?

Is your php memory limit sufficient? (This could be a problem on free hosting.)
bittiez replied on at Permalink Reply
According to the testing page right before the install page, the memory is sufficient, something like 168mb.
And yes the user has full permissions(It successfully created a bunch of tables before the error)