Mega Nav installation

Hi, I recently purchased Mega Menu and I am having difficulty figuring out how to get it from my purchases into my dashboard so I can use it. Is there any step by step guide that shows how to install it?


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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you purchase from the C5 website or through your site dashboard?
ProxConcrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Through the community. We're just slightly confused on how it gets installed into the site from the Community, We have a different login for the community and the dashboard.

ProxConcrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Was this resolved? We are having the same trouble with Mega Menu add-on mod to a client's site. Purchased, Installed (can see it on the server), but the add-on won't show in the Extend C5 list.
siton replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Download the zip file and extract the package Folder manually her:

Than you see this package inside "Add Functionality" waiting to install.

Sometimes from my experience the auto install process do not work well (Maybe i have local bugs. anyway by hand its always work)

**see the Attachment
ProxConcrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks @siton. We have the unzipped files on the server by the exact method and in the exact position you've described. The Add-on does not appear in the Extend options. (All of the others do, as expected.)

We are thinking there was something peculiar in the purchase process. We purchased the Mega Menu before we were added to the Project. (I have been told this. I wasn't involved at the time. I sort of "inherited" this task from others who've moved on to other things.)

So if we made the purchase and then were added to the Project as Contributor, would that prevent the Add-On from being used? LIke maybe the license can't move that way?

Also, the Project's URL is not the live site's URL--it's the development site's URL We are trying to "activate" the Menu Add-on on the live site. Would this discrepancy--the Project URL being different from the installation target URL-- prevent the Add-On from being used? (Again, potential license migration problem)
cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply

Can you confirm that your Mega Menu directory structure is like this?

and not packages/jb_megamenu/jb_megamenu/blocks

ProxConcrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
@cmerritt: confirmed, thanks
siton replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I think maybe you put the add-on folder in the wrong "site" folder (local VS server, wrong path, wrong site version ect.).

Do this very "stupid" test:
1. Create folder "Empty_folder_test"
2. Put inside this folder empty/blank file named - controller.php
3. Put this folder inside: packages folder
4. Go to index.php/dashboard/extend/install (Add Functionality page)

The result: you should see at the bottom of the list new item: "Empty_folder_test" + "cant install" error massage.
(see attachment)

If you dont see the same result like the screenshot :You put the add-on package in wrong place so check again.
ProxConcrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply
@siton: Aha! Not a "stupid" test, at all...

The bogus Add-On I made does not show in the Add Functionality menu.

And yes, that means the files I'm looking at and working with via FTP--on the live site--does NOT match the situation on the server being displayed in the Menu. (It is probably showing components at the "site" given in the Project description. Reasonable. Which is someone else's dev version of our production site. I'll get with the Project Owner and see what next makes sense.)

Awesome! We have some "concrete" (sorry, simply irresistible) results to move with.

Thanks! I'll update as we evolve this.
LenKrause replied on at Permalink Reply
It looks like you purchased Mega Menu 5.7 which is probably not compatible with C5 sites running version 5.6. You probably need Mega Menu 5.6.