migrate from Apache to IIS to Apache

I built a site in Apache and the client insisted on moving it to an IIS webhost. The site has had many problems since the migration and I convinced the client to move the site to an Apache server.

I also have the site on a test-server, hosted in Apache, and was hoping to migrate it from here to a new Apache host for them but the webhost made some SEO mods to the site on the IIS server and they don't want to redo them if I move the test site from Apache. So I'm stuck with the site that's on the IIS server.

I wanted to know, would there be any difference in the site files and database because the site was hosted in IIS for awhile, as opposed to having just migrated the site from Apache to Apache as I wanted?

I am not well versed in server administration, this is why I ask. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
I think it would be worthwhile asking the host what in particular needs to be modified.

Not sure the terms with your webhost of the original migration from Apache to IIS. If it was done at no cost, they may be reluctant to move it back without some compensation. We as consultants can understand that.

A follow up question might be to ask what they would charge.

On the other hand, migration between IIS and Apache is done by many developers (I'm not one -- I develop on Centos). You might want to work with the webhost to setup the alternate environment and give it a hand yourself. Search here on migration as well as IIS and you should have the info that you need.

And, of course, the client should recompense you for the consequences of his/her decision.

BTW, Concrete5 is not certified to run on IIS -- that should always be clearly explained to clients in that mindset along with an explanation of the potential consequences.