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I have / had a concrete5 website hosted by Justhost. A couple of months ago when I tried to open the site I got a Word Press page. I contacted Justhost and they managed to get my site back up and running. Today I went to my site and it is gone again. I called JostHost and the tech worked on it but could not get it going this time. I attempted to delete the wordpress installation but I could not get rid of it. The tech said that he could not do anything more forr me and suggested that I should try to get hold of Concrete5 to try to fix the issue.

If you can help I would sure appreciate it.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi happygav,

"I contacted Justhost and they managed to get my site back up and running."

Your web host was able to recover the original concrete5 website?

Are you saying that your site was twice replaced with a WordPress site?
happygav replied on at Permalink Reply
When I contacted them about the issue the first time they were able to restore the link and it worked fine for a couple of months. This time when I contacted them i got the same tech but he was unable to get it going again. I had an unused wordpress installation which thought may be causing a conflict when it did updates so we deleted the wordpress installation but still could not get it to work.
Thanks for your interest.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

Using your webhost control panel, I would check to see if the concrete5 files and database are still available on the server. You can use the control panel file manager and phpMyAdmin to do this. If this is not something you have access to, or understand how to use, I would contact support to do this for you.

If the files and database are available, you can download them and possibly recover the site. In the future, you should make a regular habit of making full backups of your site.
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think there's much the concrete5 community can do to help out here I'm afraid.

It sounds like either your domain/dns records have been messed up, or the host has simply broken your hosting account - they might have lost the files and not been able to restore from a backup, etc.

To have your site completely wiped and replaced with a Wordpress site is very mysterious. It sounds like someone logged into your account and did an auto-install for Wordpress. It's unlikely the host would have done that for you, but mistakes can always happen.

As you've said it's a couple of months ago, i'd suggest it's unlikely the server has backups that go that far back.

So my only suggestion is that you find a new host that you feel more confident in and roll out a new website.