Moving a site from one server to another

I followed the instructions but it doesn't work.

I suspected the problems was plugins so I install the same version of C% on the new server and the same plugins. Then transferred all the thenes and images and the old database. Still doesn't work.

Anyone know how to do this.

Many thanks:)

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

to get help with this you'll need to provide a lot more detail.
Error messages? White screen? Page not found? Normal apache web hosting?

There isn't really anything special about moving a concrete5 site, it's pretty 'normal' in term of a CMS - you just have to make sure you do all the steps:
- Copy across all the files
- Re-create the database from an export
- Update the file /config/site.php with the new database credentials
- If you've moved it from being in a folder, to a top level domain, you may need to edit or recreate your .htaccess file

It's a good idea to clear the cache and turn of caching before the move as well, but isn't essential. I tend to just migrate everything and clear the cache once done.
concreteart replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi tonyswaby,

You'll also wanted to turn off Pretty URLs as well (if they are enabled) prior to backing up and exporting your database from the c5 dashboard. And yes, I'd recommend just installing the same version of c5 that you are currently using and then once transferred successfully go ahead with the upgrade if needed.

I've followed the instructions here in the past and has worked out well for me:

I personally transferred everything within my /files directory except for:


Hope this helps.
jeromeb replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

We manage multiple cpanel accounts and we are combining all of them into one cpanel account so that we can later on easily move to another server. I followed most of the instructions from our host. Here's the link. -

My website is The C5 installation is found here -

I made copies of my website following the instructions from my host using these directories - and The domains that I used are just for testing purposes so I had to modify my hosts file using the info below so that I can access the test sites.

Here's the issue:
1. and are working fine! If you can please try it for yourself and you should see the login page.
2. Now that I know that is working, I disabled the original site, made a copy of this working directory and named it and added the domain under my primary cpanel account. After which i'm getting the attached screenshot when accessing Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

I'm not a developer and I just play around with the instructions that I have and that I can understand. Hoping that someone can help me soon!
jeromeb replied on at Permalink Reply
My issue has resolved by itself. Thanks everyone.