Moving Concrete 5 Directory

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I am looking for a checklist of steps to move a concrete installation form one directory to another. E.g. I installed it in but want it to move it to the root directory. Is this a nightmare?

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nodiseos replied on at Permalink Reply
Never mind, I found the answer :)
ericob replied on at Permalink Reply
404. Unable to find page.

The answer to this question should be in the DOCUMENTATION, folks. A year or so later and apparently it is still missing.
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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
the page was moved and it IS in the documentation as linked above,
fcgleason replied on at Permalink Reply
You can also look at the last post of this topic
entirelyequinemarketing replied on at Permalink Reply

I have moved several c5 sites from a sub directory (where I like to build before officially launching the site) to the root directory when things are ready for public viewing.

Last week I built a site this way with the new, 5.5 version and the change of directories was very much simplified in not having to locate and edit the .htaccess and the site.php file - KUDOS to the c5 team!

However, this week, I am trying to move a second (completely un-associated) site from the sub directory, into the root directory and now I have a problem. Pretty URL's are turned off, cache is turned off and is cleared. Then I use FileZilla to drag sub folder contents into the root directory (as I have always done in the past, successfully) and when I load the home page it works great but as soon as I click on a link - they are all trying to redirect into the old sub directory. This includes my login =( so I am not even able to log in and update the links manually.

I have moved the site back into the sub directory and it works fine. I have also tried the swap 3 times now, but without success.

PLEASE HELP! I'm at a loss...