Moving Concrete5 files after Install

My web site host helped me install a clean copy of Version 8. They installed in to Public_html folder but the install created a folder called websitename/concrete5-8.4.3/index.php.

Can I use the cPanel File Manager to move the Concrete5 subfolders in that folder to my own subfolder called websitename/family/ that already resides in Public_html?

The site is being re-built from scratch so there are no other files that need to be moved.

Or, is there a better way?

Appreciate the help.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply

Ideally before you run the c5 installer, but you can also do it afterwards. If that is the case, make sure pretty urls and cache are disabled, all users logged out, cache cleared. Then just move the files and point your domain name at the new location. As long as the MySQL server is accessible from the new location, it will just keep on running with no extra messing about.