Moving from dev to live server problem

So I'm moving my copy of Concrete5 from an external dev server to the live server. I get this error: "Cache path is not writable."

I figured I need to update the BASE_URL, because everything looks CHMOD'd correctly. However, any instructions I find here, such as this:

...say to edit <doc_root>/<concrete5_folder>/config/site.php, which does not exist on my installation. So I have no idea how to edit BASE_URL to be correct.
In my config folder are these files: app.php, concrete.php, conversations.php, database.php, db.xml, doctrine, install. None if which seem to have a definable BASE_URL (I searched them all).

Any ideas?

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you login to the Dashboard of your site, turn off all caching, clear the cache and turn off Pretty URLs and see if that fixes it?

If it does you can go back into the Dashboard and turn Pretty URLs and Caching back on, but when you move a site it is always best to turn off caching and Pretty URLs before doing so.
jmccord replied on at Permalink Reply
I was able to solve it after getting on the IRC. For the benefit of anyone coming from Google, all I did was set my PHP to safe_mode off, which gave me a different error which was easily fixed by re-CHMOD’ing. Thanks.

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