Moving From Wamp To Web sever

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I read the guide on moving sites, and was unclear on whether you are supposed to install concrete 5 at all on the the server... or if simply moving your files and database across will do it?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I prefer to install C5 on the server, that way I have clean settings and C5 will attach itself to the mySQL database on the server without my having to mess about with changing configuration settings. (Make sure it is the same version of C5)

Then I upload the /files folder and restore the server database from the backup that was uploaded with the files.

From a typical WAMP to LAMP you will also need to sort out table name case. See

Going the other way, from LAMP server to WAMP, case sensitivity can be ignored.
jazzypants replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks John, i'll try it your way.
laxvineetha replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
i designed my website using PHP(Using Zend frameworks) and wamp server.was kept all the my php files in C://Wamp/WWW folder.Now i want to change the content in my website instead of changing each file and deploy the project.So i choosed concrete5 for editing the content.I downloaded the latest concrete5.5.2.1 zip file and unzipped this archive file into Wamp/WWW.
My Question is
1.How do i integrate the concrete and my project files?
2.I can run Concrete on my localserver.
https://localhost/concrete;while... running,how can i see my web site/pages in this?
3.Can you help me to describe the folder structure to keep my php files,images,css,scripts,etc