Moving Servers - Blank page

I have moved my installation to a new server, maintaining permissions, database, etc. I cannot, for the life of me, get past a blank index.php page. I can change the config/site.php to point to a fresh database and the site works fine.

Any ideas?

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BrianJM replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, come to find out the database table adodb_logsql was corrupt and was causing an incomplete export. I was also unable to repair this as it causes mysql to crash. I deleted this table and recreated it. All is well!
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
I have just moved servers with a new site, I attempted an update on the existing server, but after getting a blank page decided to try a complete fresh install, however after moving all the files and SQL over to the new site, all my pages are blank, I assume this is an old fix as adodb_logsql is no longer a table but wandered if maybe I had another table causing this problem.

I can access the dashboard fine, but any attempt I use to look at a web page on the site results in a blank page.

I have no cache enabled(cleared just incase) and Pretty URL's are turned off.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any ideas how to solve it for 5.4?

**edit view source results in a blank page too

I can edit things out until

a print of $c gives this
Page Object
    [cID] => 1
    [attributes:protected] => Array
    [error] => 
    [pkgID] => 0
    [cPointerID] => 0
    [cPointerExternalLink] => 
    [cFilename] => 
    [cDateAdded] => 2010-06-11 10:58:32
    [cDisplayOrder] => 0
    [cDateModified] => 2010-07-02 14:17:05
    [cInheritPermissionsFromCID] => 1

But I can not tell from here if I am missing something important

Thanks in advance
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply

It turns out there where a few ftp errors when uploading the files.

The blank page appeared to be due to some missing files within my custom theme.

I re-uploaded the theme and everything appears again.

It took some chasing within concretes files to work this out.

Is it not possible to have some error messages, pop up when something like this happens I have concrete5 running in development mode so would have assumed these sort of errors would show up.

I know the output buffer prevents alot of this info showing up, and it was only once I commented out this section I could see it was trying to load but failing within the render when trying to apply my style.