Need to update my website from HTTP to HTTPS.. Currently Running 5.7.3


I need to move my website from HTTP to HTTPS... Its Currently Running concrete5 5.7.3 version.
SSL certificate already installed

URLs and Redirection → Not found in Dashboard
Dashboard → System & Settings → HTTPS → HTTPS --> Not found in Dashboard

Please help me how i can move website to HTTPS...

Thanks in advance..

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Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
From version 5.7.4 on, you could set canonical URLs from the dashboard:

Nonetheless, it is advised to try stay updated to the latest version, which is 8.5.1 right now.

If you have any reason to not do this, you can force your webserver to always use HTTPS, which is done differently if you use Apache or Nginx or whichever Webserver out there, but you can easily find configuration tutorials. If you do this on the webserver level, this has nothing to do with concrete5.

All the best!
gauravishere replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply...

Can i do this some .HTACCESS Code... ???
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, htaccess is one option to force https on your website.

I am not sure if concrete5 version 5.7.3 forces the URL at any point in configuration, you might look through the settings to be sure.