Newbie help, installing on Dreamhost

Hi everyone,

I unzipped the c5 package and uploaded it, files unchanged, to my client's site via Dreamweaver's FTP.

Here's what I get:


I spoke with Dreamhost support, and was told that I "may need to setup the config file for this install to get it to work or look at the error logs to see what function may not be working," but I can't find any documentation on how to do this.

Any suggestions or ideas why the page(s) are displaying this way?

UPDATE: NEVERMIND! I figured it out. Well, sort of. I downloaded again, this time from Sourceforge, and uploaded via FTP without changing the folder name. Worked. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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witwag replied on at Permalink Reply
Well I see only a 404... Is this the correct URL ?
mario replied on at Permalink Reply
did you follow the instructions?

I actually made up a install video tute using Dreamhost (conveniently) here a while back:
thephilm replied on at Permalink Reply
I have had problems with PHP FAST-CGI on Dreamhost - may want to change it to just PHPCGI... It helped with the install for me.
myFullFlavour replied on at Permalink Reply
I strongly recommend users AVOID Dreamhost if looking for a website host.
mario replied on at Permalink Reply
you're probably right, but that's what people have sometimes. particularly if they're running smaller sites, which is one reason I chose to demo on it.

@thephilm: i agree. i found that not using Fast-cgi enables you to use pretty URL's on some Dreamhost servers. it depends on which version of Apache you get assigned to. Older versions on dreamhost are good, newer version, not so great for that. There is a hack they recommended using ionCube but I'd rather not. Some people on the forum also have some additional recs re pretty url fixes in general.
thephilm replied on at Permalink Reply
Just to add a quick note about Dreamhost. I was really ready to jump ship - sent an email to Dreamhost that I was really not happy with the server I was on - the reliability etc. They offered to move my services to a new server.
Since then I've had 100% uptime, and a huuuuge increase in responsiveness on my sites. Big difference.
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jereme replied on at Permalink Reply
I host several concrete sites on dreamhost and they work stunningly. You can follow the guide on my blog to get it setup.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT run it as php-cgi instead of php-fastcgi. This will decrease your performance by a significant margin. My guide will get you running with pretty url's and fast-cgi both with minimal deviation from the standard install procedure.

Dreamhost did a huge datacenter move in the last year and their quality of service has majorly increased. I definitely disagree with the opinion that they should be avoided.
mario replied on at Permalink Reply
that's great to hear! however, all i know is that one of the few sites that my company still has on dreamhost has recently been up and down intermittently. We're broadcasting the festival from cannes again this year and we basically had to tell people not to go to the site but to access the video directly off our own server apps until we get it moved over to another setup. When it works it's fine. When it doesn't...well, it doesn't. And it wasn't our IP because all of our clients experience various outages over the last few days.

EDIT: P.S. i'll check out your guide. thanks!
JonRoland replied on at Permalink Reply
The solution described at seems to work, but only if one does not check the box in Dashboard | Sitewide Settings | Linking to enable Pretty URLs. If I do that, having installed C5 in a subdirectory, clicking on one of the NavBar links sends the browser to my old index.shtml homepage one directory up. Yet I get pretty URLs if I leave it unchecked. We seem to have a bug in Dashboard.
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Your workaround worked in pre 5.5 for us, but in 5.5.1 replacing the line with pretty_url.php doesn't work for us. We're not on dreamhost but we're using fcgi I think, it used to work for us in 5.4.2 and before but now we can't run pretty urls on any of our newer sites. Anyone with a workaround for 5.5 would be appreciated.
JonRoland replied on at Permalink Reply
I have excellent support and almost no downtime on, but we have a popular site ( that they have on one of their faster servers. Didn't have to ask. Just active in reporting bugs and offering reviews and suggestions, one of which seems to have been accepted for their one-click install script for Concrete5.

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