Newbie: "Unable to connect to database." on 123-reg servers

Having read all the previous posts entitled "Unable to connect to database." I am still struggling, in summary:

Database created: using 123-reg Control Panel
Database connection details checked: using PhpMyAdmin
Concrete5 install: via FTP upload after unzipping locally
Permission change: 755 on a file (can't remember which now)
Green ticks: all Concrete5 checks have a green tick after above permission change
Database details secondary check: I am running a SMF forum on another part of the same domain and that connects find to a MySql database created in the same way. I have examined the connection details for SMF and they are as I would expect and as I have entered in Concrete5.
DB server name (as per the information given by 123-reg Control Panel): cust-mysql-123-04

Given PhpMyAdmin and SMF all tally with the info I have entered into the Concrete5 /index.php/install/-/configure/ form I am at a lost what else there is to do/check so have turned to the forums

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ReadiesCards replied on at Permalink Reply
Via MyPhpAdmin the user I am logging on as can create tables but I can see no where to create a user (I don't have privileges page) - could that be the issue?

(I had thought I would create a new user for Concrete5)
ReadiesCards replied on at Permalink Reply
Also there is a warning in MyPHPAdmin saying:

Your PHP MySQL library version 5.1.52 differs from your MySQL server version 5.0.92. This may cause unpredictable behavior.'

Would that impact Concrete5?
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
The different client version is not an issue and no, you wont create a new user for Concrete5. The user information you put into the installer should be exactly the same as the information you put into phpMyAdmin to log in. I would have a go at using localhost as the host - always worth trying, but the details given to you by 123-reg should be correct. If you can connect via phpMyAdmin, then provided you are using the correct login details and installing onto a 123-reg server, then it should all work.

123reg replied on at Permalink Reply

My name is Nerys and I work for 123reg.

So that I can look into this issue further for you, please provide either a support ticket ID or a domain name. I will then have this issue further investigated.


ReadiesCards replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Nerys I created ticket: 120207-000962
ReadiesCards replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't know why but today it works using localhost (I had tried that previously too!)