No site after site move

I moved my site from one server to another, and followed the instructions at:
Now that all files are in the proper location and the database is set up on the new server, or so I thought, all I get when entering the IP of the server in the address bar is the default page the hosting company puts on there.

Please help.

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MysteriousCleon replied on at Permalink Reply
Remove "index.html" file from your root location - it's taken by browser instead of c5's index.php, which should launch. :)
(this is most common solution for that situation)
stmifaust replied on at Permalink Reply
I've done that, and now it's showing the Apache 2 Test Page. Would it have anything to do with the fact that I am using the IP address of the server instead of the actual site address? Unfortunately, I can't use the actual site address because the site is being hosted with another hosting solution and I can't move it until this weekend.