Not got very far

Just installed concrete5 for the first time. Looking around to get a feel and then session timed out. Now unable to login as it says user / password is incorrect (as i'd just registered it) - reset password, didn't get an email, but login now says my IP is banned - please contact site administrator (me). Any ideas?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If you haven't changed any default settings, you will only be banned for 10 minutes.

It may not be the password you got wrong. Unless you changed it, the default user is 'admin'. (I often make that mistake with a new site, having forgotten to change it after creating the site)

If stuck, you can go through the lost password procedure and either get an email, or if you have no mail server connected, look at the 'Logs' table in the database to get the new password link. (But you still need to let the 10 minutes elapse).

You can also truncate (not delete) the database table 'FailedLoginAttempts' to get round the 10 minute IP ban.
codehot replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks John - very helpful.