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I tried to manually install C5, but I got an error and then another. My hosting service tried to install C5 but they failed, too. How do I find someone to install C5 for me?

Thank for any suggestions.


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Failed installs are often the result of insufficient server resources, more often than not due to an over-populated shared hosting account.
One way around this is to carry out the install on a local development machine and then create compressed archives of the files and database which can then be uploaded to the server and extracted in place.
alanhalley replied on at Permalink Reply
I’m not a developer. In the past, I used a one button installer and I could build simple websites as a complete idiot. Looks like I need professional services to install C5 now.

Could you refer me to someone that can install C5?


hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
We can help you install on your house or we offer C5 hosting if you need it.
ssrgspdkt replied on at Permalink Reply
No need professional service to install c5. Problem may be occurred due to some simple configuration settings like timezone, file permission issue etc..