Re: Fatal error

I had Concrete successfully installed. After having removed an Open Cart installation on the same domain as where Concrete 5 is installed I started to receive the following fatal error message when trying to click on my website:

"Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on boolean in .../public_html/concrete/core/models/package.php on line 66"

Line 66, package.php reads as follows:
$r = $db->query("select pkgID, pkgName, pkgIsInstalled, pkgDescription, pkgVersion, pkgHandle, pkgDateInstalled from Packages where pkgIsInstalled = ? order by pkgID asc", array($pkgIsInstalled));

It seems as the script is making a database query in package.php which does not perform as it should.

I cannot access any of the web pages including the dashboard. I tried to reinstall concrete 5 via the oneclick installer on my webhost without any success.

Any clues how to rectify this problem not having to redo the themes, menu, etc. again?


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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi agronova,

I would check for two things first:
1. Using the web host control panel file manager, check to see if your concrete5 installation folder is still on the server. If it is, copy the application and packages folder to your computer.
2. Using phpMyAdmin in the web host control panel, look to see if the concrete5 database is still on the server. If it is, export a copy and save it to your computer.

The application folder stores your uploaded files, overrides, and custom blocks/code. The packages folder stores themes and add-ons. The database will store your settings, content, layouts, etc. If all of these are intact, you can use them to restore your site on a new install of
agronova replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your response. Your approach seems reasonable - if available.

In my case it was not possible to recover the original installation. I had to reinstall Concrete 5 and redo the web pages.

The fatal error received, after having added and removed an Open Cart installation, will make me think and plan twice before doing a similar installation again.

rpataca replied on at Permalink Reply
Andy - were you able to get this resolved? If so what was the issue.
I'm having the same problem. Surfaced when the client moved from a shared hosting to a cloud hosting account (still shared). Other changes could have taken place that I'm not aware of.

Thought maybe it was a php version issue, (turns out I can't revert to the same version of PHP on the cloud hosting account - would need a dedicated hosting account).

Would love to hear where you landed.Thanks!
agronova replied on at Permalink Reply

Unfortunately, I couldn't resolve the issue in any other ways than to rebuild my webpages from scratch. I though would like to understand why the problem occurred.