Redirect issue with index.php file in subdirectory

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I have successfully installed Concrete 5 to a subdirectory. Everything works fine except that the domain that points to this location keeps defaulting back to the root level. The hosting company (GoDaddy) has confirmed that the issue is a redirect in the index.php file (or file that index.php is accessing), since nameservers and all necessary hosting account information is correct.

Here is the only line of code in the index.php file:


Any thoughts as to what this might be?


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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you change your config/site.php file to point to your subdirectory as shown below?

define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost');
define('DB_USERNAME', '#######');
define('DB_PASSWORD', '#######');
define('DB_DATABASE', '######');
define('BASE_URL', '');
define('DIR_REL', '/yourdirectory');

Note the DIR_REL field.
philcody replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi tallacman,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the DIR_REL field in the site.php file already has the subfolder listed.

I am not sure where to go from here. When I replace the index.php file in the subdirectory with a basic index.html file, the HTML page loads. When I have C5’s index.php file in there it defaults to the root level instead of displaying the C5 themed page I want to use.

I am at a loss.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
i have several sites of various c5 versions in subdomains working fine,
nteaviation replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you using pretty URL's? Check your .htaccess in the sub-directory. It will need a mod_rewite RewriteBase directive something like:

RewriteBase /subdirectory/
wolfwerk replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having a similar problem. When I navigate to my site I am getting an empty black page. Additionally I am experiencing the following. When I go back to the website from the C5 dashboard it takes me to an empty black page. But when I visit my home page from the Site Map, it takes me to the index.php page. When I click the Home link in the AutoNav block, it takes me to that empty black page. I can't find a place on my host's cpanel to fix this, and I can't find a place in the C5 app to fix this.
wolfwerk replied on at Permalink Reply
I discovered my problem at least. It was a rookie mistake; I just needed to clear my browser's cache and then the pages appeared as expected.