Reinstall Concrete5.6.3 - Installation Corrupted - Help! Need Developer assistance

Our site was corrupted with the Wordpress add-in and now doesn't function properly. Some of the files needed to operate clearing the cache properly no longer function. We've tried clearing the cache manually through the function in Concrete5 and we've even had to clear the cache folder manually. That works eventually, but it isn't reflected immediately in changes that are visible on the site. There's a minimum of a 10 minute or more delay between updates that are made to a page and when that page really shows the changes.

There are other problems associated w/ logging in and downloading files, etc.

The installation of 5.6.3 is corrupted and we've tried do a reinstall and that doesn't solve the problem.

We could solve the problem by upgrading to 5.7, but we're not doing that because more than 1/2 of the add-ons we're running don't work in 5.7. So, we need help fixing the problems and it's definitely at a coding level and we're not PHP programmers. The dashboard is also corrupted and doesn't behave properly.

Does anyone know a Concrete5.6 programmer who can help fix these problems?

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
You might want to post that in the job forum instead ( and maybe add a link to the site you are refering to. That could help assess the problem.
dwsteven replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, just did what you suggested.