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I'm an absolute newbie apart from doing some HTML5 on my own websites about 20 years ago.

Could someone please point me in the direction on how to permanently delete the footers as shown in the attached image.

I've read some forum messages about editing the "footer.less.php" file. Tried it and got no-where.

Greatly appreciate any help.



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rosie607 replied on at Permalink Reply
I think what you want to do is edit the footer.php file.
It's best to create a copy of the file rather than edit the original theme.
I think this is the best way to do it:

Grab the theme folder

and put a copy in the folder

then you want to edit this file

Then you can take out the content areas you don't want. So you would delete this part for example

                        $a = new GlobalArea('Footer Site Title');
rosie607 replied on at Permalink Reply
I may have missed some steps but MrKDilkington gives some instructions here as well: