set up bitnami - concrete 5 stack on my windows 10 plus laptop

I am wanting to maybe setup and run a bitnami - concrete 5 stack on my windows 10 plus laptop.

i know it is quite a simple operation which is nice however, all of my addon versions and theme versions i have in my C5 account and such are PRE 5.7.

If I set up a up to date version of bitnami - C5 stack will I still be able to use my addons and themes OR am I screwed big time??

I have not upgraded anythin because in past have only been using C5 version 5.6+++ etc.
But I have plans but my investment in addons and themes PRE 5.7 is big.

Any ideas on what I should do??

Again anything I have acquired in my account is PRE 5.7 C5

I would like to use the SILENCE Theme for my my project

Plse Note: eventually it is my plan to migrate my personal windows server onto a VPS using maybe windows 2012 R2 server once i have done most of my offline devel.

all guidance welcome


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