Site Crashed While Trying to Upgrade Site from Version to Version 8?

Thank god I had a backup in my cPanel and was able to restore the site!

The whole site went down and the only thing I could see was this error message:

"Unable to get category for permission search_file_folder"

I tried looking everywhere for a fix to this particular issue, but couldn't find anything.
I checked to see if my host's PHP version was up-to-date and it does meet the requirements of version 8.

Anyone have any idea why my site failed to update?

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ClickSpring replied on at Permalink Reply
Does anyone have a solution?

ClickSpring replied on at Permalink Reply
Bump...this is still an issue for us. Hopefully someone can give us some pointers! Thanks!
exchangecore replied on at Permalink Reply
When you're doing the site upgrade, are you logged in as the super user (usually the "admin" account)?

Also, in your "PermissionKeys" table on your database do you have a pkHandle of "search_file_folder" anywhere? If you're using cpanel you could use phpmyadmin to find this.