SSL - webpage has a redirect loop

Hi Guys,

Having a real headache trying to resolving a SSL issue.

History - migrated from a hosted solution to VPS. Carried out tests and with some great help for the forum thought I was ready to move my SSL certificate and domain.

Once the SSL cert was installed (https) worked fine for an hour or two. then started to give redirection loop messages, and fell over :-(.

I have read some of the messages on this in the forums, and I have made some changes to my site.php and url_check.php, (please see attached) and (https) reappeared as a text based site. works fine.

I'm loathe to touch or modify anything else without a steer, just in case I make a real mess of things.

Again - any help much appreciated.

Kind Regards

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adminEasy replied on at Permalink Reply

Hi All,

After a good night's sleep, I have another look in past postings, and found that after I entered the following in the config/site.php the HTTPS site magically appeared.


Hope this helps someone in the future.
mongo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you ever so much for posting this