I purchased a new domain today through and hosted it with them. I also purchased a Security Certificate. I installed Concrete5 without issue and then the problems started.

I'm not a techie and depend on Force SSL on my other sites (which I have not yet upgraded to the latest C5) to create secure pages. But I discovered that Force SSL doesn't work with the latest version of C5, and when I type in an https address the following error is returned -- "This webpage has a redirect loop" although Bluecast assures me the security on the site is up and running.

Question 1 -- What code is added to what file on what file path to force SSL without the Force SSL Block and would that potentially fix the glitch?

Question 2 -- On my project page for the new site I ended up with two "Found Location" entries with two urls ( and and I have no idea how two entries were created, whether that is glitching my SSL. I also have no idea how to remove one of the "Locations" or whether I should.

Any help out there?

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hostco replied on at Permalink Reply
Define your base url in /config/site.php by adding this line of code to it and saving the file.

define('BASE_URL', '');

swap out the name domainname with your domain name.

See if that helps
russellglee1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes -- thank you.
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Hostco,

this issue is completely resolved in the new version...

roarkh replied on at Permalink Reply
Which new version is that? I just installed 5.5.1 in a folder on my ssl-enabled site and while I am able to run through the install procedure once I try to load the example site I am greeted with the following "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

The same occurs whether or not I add the 'BASE_URL' definition to site.php or not. Is there definitive documentation somewhere describing the process to install Concrete 5.5.1 with SSL? I remember having to go through a lot of hassle getting 5.4 to work with SSL as well, it really seems that it should be easier than this, or perhaps I am missing something simple.

Thank you.
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Roarkh,

Install my Force SSL addon. It's free and should solve your problem...

travisneids replied on at Permalink Reply
We just had this come up in concrete5's IRC today. You can also find line 6 in concrete/startup/url_check.php


$protocol = 'http://';


$protocol = 'https://';

More of a reference here:
roarkh replied on at Permalink Reply
This did the trick, thank you very much. Interestingly enough the post you referenced was one I started a long time ago when I had the same problem with 5.4. I didn't realize that thread was still active.
imJack replied on at Permalink Reply
nice. thank you! also helped me!

I also used this tool:
That at least will give you some direction if the SSL is throwing issues even after all this other stuff is resolved.