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Seems the more I work in website development, the less I know. On 12/29/16 I created the subdomain using concrete5 ver. and since then I have uploaded images and such to this virtual gallery on a regular basis. About a month or so ago I started noticing broken image links. Sometimes I would reload every image to a given page. Other times I could login as Admin and republish the page and the problem would resolve itself. About a week ago image links broke again and I started having problems with fonts and page layouts. Then I discovered that the only way the site would load correctly, or reasonably correctly, was by using the URL

After considerable research, I am none the wiser. It looks like in theory a subdomain site should work with either or though such appears not to be the case in reality. I can only get the above site to work with the format. I have another concrete5 site, also ver., in which some of the images and layout work correctly when accessed by whereas other images and layout only work correctly when accessed by . With the version, the Title Logo is missing but the Client pictures at the bottom of the page are present. On the version the Title Logo is present but the Client pictures at the bottom of the page are missing.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I would certainly prefer to stop doing whatever I am doing wrong as opposed to reloading images and such every few weeks. Incidentally I placed a redirect in the htaccess file for the picsnmore site so that anyone using the failed link would be redirected to the working version.

Thanks again for your support.

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CMSDeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply

Looks like there is something wrong with the data in the concrete5 database.