Super User no longer has all privileges

Hey All,

I'm new to c5, but I've done as much searching as I could. We inherited a few c5 sites(v5.6) through a company acquisition. The previous site managers(3-4 individuals) all shared the primary admin account. We now want to now change that process and let everyone have their own account and be under the "Administrators" group.

I was logged into the admin account and I created these three users and added them to the Administrators group and a few other groups that they need. On one of the users I missed a group, so I went back to edit that user by going to Search Users tool and clicking on their username, but to my dismay the "Username" column is completely missing. I was still able to select the user, and click the drop down and do "Add to group". But I've lost my ability to View a user's details. If I log in to one of the new accounts in the Administrator group, the Username column is there and I can click on users to view their user details.

Why would I all of a sudden not have the ability to access that anymore with my super user? I'm failing to see any permissions I can edit to fix it, because as I undestand it, the main admin account should just have access to everything by default.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It might not be a permission problem but simply a display problem.

When you're in the user list page, click on "advanced search" in the top right corber. Then click on "customize results" and in the pop up that opens, make sure "username" is checked
ryanmerrell replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry, I never got around to responding. It wasn't the search filter, but the results filter. I just had to go in and add "Username" back in and it did the trick. Thanks for the help!
ryanmerrell replied on at Permalink Reply
Edit: I removed this from here and started a new forum post, considering it was a different issue.