TinyMCE and unicode

Has anyone else noticed that TinyMCE converts non standard characters to entities before submitting back to the database? I think this is new before 5.4 so I'm wondering if something new needs to be tweaked in TinyMCE.... Any of you international types run into this and resolved it yet?


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harunkaraman replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I attached below movie which describes the problem.

Harun Karaman
harunkaraman replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi everybody! I posted the same problem to the TinyMCE to the forum there and had the response like that.

"Your problem seems to be concrete"-related one. I'd guess that your backend doesn't convert the HTML entities properly so your Turkish special chars remain entities.

Solution? Well...
1.) ask the people who built concrete to fix this bug.
2.) hack the backend code to convert all entities back to UTF-8 characters (except the "HTML special" chars)

TinyMCE can't do any of this on its own. At least you shouldn't count on it!
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Before posting any problems about TinyMCE I'd try to make sure we use the latest version.

The current svn version and use an RC version (3.3rc1). Not sure why Andrew decided to go with an rc for a stable c5 but there 3.3.8 in the meanwhile, I'm sure they fixed some bugs as well, maybe even one which is related to this problem.

I tried to replace the files, cleared the cache but the content block didn't work afterwards. Will try to replace it again later but if someone knows what could go wrong when I replace 3.3rc1 with 3.3.8 - please tell me (:
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
and by the way, thanks for the detailed video explanation.

15°C - where are you from? It's more than 30 in Switzerland ;-)
harunkaraman replied on at Permalink Reply
From Turkey (GMT 2) but writing to you from Kazakhstan (GMT 5). Now it is 35 here, 30 in Istanbul (Turkey). Does C5 know the temperatures in the offices as well? Last night I left the AC on. Office was very cold :). I knew C5 is the best ever!

Also thanks for reply. Hope will be fixed as it came with new versions.
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi everyone!

I just stumpled upon the same issue after moving to a new host. Everything was fine when developing on my server, after moving to the new host, german umlauts (äöü) are shown cryptic when:

1. Saving content in TinyMCE - after publishing the page it shows correct characters
2. Editing already existing content with TinyMCE

Still I do not believe it is only a TinyMCE-problem as the characters are also displayed wrong in FileManager and the Properties Window of a page.

SQL and phpinfo show UTF-8, I suppose there could be some .INI file somewhere wrong, I've contacted their support about it, lets see what they find.

If anyone else has some ideas about that - I'd be glad :)

Thank you!