Too many redirects

Hi, as I was editing my brand new site I suddenly could get access anymore. Last thing I did was change a font size in Custom Design.

Now I keep getting the message that the browser can't open the page because of too many redirects from the current page to another that redirects back.

Can somebody please help me? This has happened twice. The first time I deleted the whole site and started again because I thought it was my fault, but now I'm sure this must be some other problem.

Running the latest version: concrete5.7.5.9
Hope somebody can help!

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SnefIT replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Did you clear the cache (browser and C5)?

Now you can't login, but you can try to delete the contents of the ...../application/files/cache directory.
ZillionProductions replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah! That worked! Thanks so much ;)