Tried to upgrade to 5.5 and now no dashboard

I am not a developer. I am just a yoga teacher/mom who is tried to do her own website. Everything was fine and in working order until I tried to install the new version. After the install, I couldn't even log in to my site. The log in page came up, but I had no edit toolbar. So, I restored back to the previous version. I have the toolbar at the top, so I can edit the site a bit, but there is no dashboard! Again, I am not a programmer or developer, so please, layman's terms
Thank you in advance

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hanicker replied on at Permalink Reply
What happens if you manually go to

Can you please make a list of packages you installed?

programmieraffe replied on at Permalink Reply
Mh just restoring the previous version is not the best idea i think, because you upgraded your database to 5.5 with (tools/upgrade), did you?

Do you use a customized theme? Make sure that the footer is loaded, because the toolbar is loaded by the footer in 5.5:
yogamama replied on at Permalink Reply
when I manually go to it goes to where the dashboard should be, but there is nothing there. The top part is there with go back to website, help, and sign out, but nothing else. I installed a theme Jessica Fletcher Redux (I think - can't look at any of that.) I installed the paypal buttons add-on and the google calendar and I think those are the only things that aren't covered by the theme. Here's my site

When I upgraded, I couldn't do anything. I could log in, but it didn't go anywhere. How do I load a footer without a dashboard?

programmieraffe replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay that looks like it is not only a theme problem. Do you have the upgraded files of 5.5 still somewhere? would be good to paste them back to your webspace, because your database is upgraded 5.5 (if you did /index.php/tools/upgrade? Did you? ).

Before you totally crash it, it would be good to let a person help you which has some more knowledge about this or wait for other users opinion here, because right now i'm not sure what you did exactly.
yogamama replied on at Permalink Reply
It just dawned on me that I need to go to my c panel file manager. Ohh! I will go there and try what you told me and then come back. Told you I was a novice!
yogamama replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually, I have Bluehost and used Simple Scripts. I logged in to my c panel and it said I needed to install the upgrade. I did a full back up on my site and then clicked "install." When I did that, then I could not log into my site. I clicked on the button that said restore back-up and it took me back to version When I logged in to my site, the dashboard was gone. I have not done anything other than that. I did alter my site a tiny bit yesterday, but only page editing...I deleted a block of text that I didn't want. Should I try again to install 5.5? or just sit tight?
yogamama replied on at Permalink Reply
Just remembered, that's not true. After the install, my mailing list software was not working either, so I uninstalled that and installed a different one. I did this all through my c panel and simple scripts. I didn't even go in to the file manager and mess around. The site seems to work...except the dashboard is missing.