Trouble with some blocks while moving servers

I have just recently moved by locally xammp developed site (Which runs perfectly by the way) to a new server.

After setting everything up and going through the correct steps, some blocks on my homepage are not rendering correctly. They render find while logged into the administrative side, but they do not render correctly otherwise.

website is:
I am running (Don't want to try and update until everything is working correctly again!)

Pictures are attached. blocks are the correct rendering while in admin. blocks2 are how they render in chrome and firefox in guest mode. The same type of block render correctly on the "ministries" page in both admin and guest mode. I have cleared my cache several times to try and get them to fix.

I am pretty sure I renamed all my database tables correctly. The only ones I am unsure of are:
rename table `btdcdcfile` to `btDcDcFile`;
rename table `btdcdcimage` to `btDcDcImage`;
rename table `btdcdctext` to `btDcDcText`;
rename table `btdcdctextarea` to `btDcDcTextArea`;

Any help would be appreciated. I'd like to send this to the client soon for their feedback.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Freckles,

Are these custom blocks that you are having an issue with?
Freckles replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a custom block that is nearly an exact replica of the concrete feature block, except it allows images rather than icons.

It works flawlessly in the local environment, yet as stated the block isn't functioning correctly on the homepage only while in non-admin mode.
Freckles replied on at Permalink Reply
After some testing, the blocks only work while the block cache feature is "off". Is there a specific reason for this and can I simply just leave this feature "off" or is there something I can do to make these blocks cache correctly?