try to migrate from my website from plesk 12 to Cpanel HELP

I was just having my new linux spplier ,igrate my website from plesk 12 over to Cpanel

what a mess

i need some help to be able to explain to them that using httpdocs and other main dirs for C5

they using public_html for replace entire dir tree, what am i missing here
i get home page only but no links to any other page or data
i havr reindexed reset sitemap and removed old pages. everything seems to be in dashboaed okay but no browser srtucture using firefox like always.

any thought welcome to get this success please

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
When you moved the site did you turn off Pretty URLs and clear the cache before moving? If not have to tried turning Pretty URLs off and clearing the cache, both manually and through the dashboard?

What happens when you try to get to sub pages? Do you get the same result if you click on "Visit" from the Full Sitemap in the Dashboard?
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply

bear with me please

1) I did not turn off pretty urls b4 i migrated.

2) my vps provider did move and gave me a temporary site url to check thing out

3) foolishly I went into dashboard and turned off my pretty url which caused terrible havoc with my website no pages showing correctly, no structure, and now not able to even access my dashboard to try to correct problem or maybe reset my database from systems.

i do have an external and exact copy of my db on my laptop, but do not know how to make it all well again.

using foundation 5
linux vps

if you can help me get back into dashboard at least i can try to turnon pretty again

here is my website as it exists now

help please if you can
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply
well it was already migrated b4 i sent out the post

i did now turn off pretty and cleared cache and have now lost most function and formatpage structure

gone all images text most everything that makes my website.

cannot even now access the dashboard

will wait to see what happens
andrewjaff replied on at Permalink Reply

Can you post what you are getting while accessing your site and dashboard.