Trying to move Concrete site but have table name problem???

So I am trying to move a Concrete5 site. It mostly works but I have manually convert the all lowercase MySQL tablenames to CamelCase. Which I think is ridiculous but thats fine. I do that with the help of a script and it works. But I still get an error, possibility due to an ecommerce plugin (Community Store Version:

"An exception occurred while executing... Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'SomePrefix_DBName.collectionsearchindexattributes' doesn't exist".

The problem is I need to rename collectionsearchindexattributes to camel case CollectionSearchIndexAttributes so it works elsewhere to begin with. But then this line of code still wants it in lowercase still:
packages/community_store/src/CommunityStore/Product/ProductList.php: "$query->innerJoin('p','collectionsearchindexattributes'..."

So I go there, rename it and I'm back in business. But then again, now another table, and another table popup. Do I just have to rename every single thing possible? Isn't there a sane way to do this?

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c5dragon replied on at Permalink Reply
Everything custom you probably have to do manually.

For future reference:

I've set this to 2 in the my.ini file (Wamp)
scottg12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Can lower_case_table_names be specified per database does anyone know?