ubuntu 16.04 LTS installation

hello guys im an fairly new web dev and a intermediate Graphic designer . Ive build sites only with HTML CSS and JavaScript for my clients only before but when i ran across Concrete5 i fell inlove with it and i wanted to install it on my computer for a month now , but the problem is im a totaly new in Ubuntu and i dont know how to intall concrete5 so please guys id be so happy if you help me or show me how to install Concrete5 in big details step by step or even do it for me via Teamviewer (or other program) . Im in a great need for Concrete5 please help me kind people :)

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SnowyMountainWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
For local development, I use the bitnami concrete5 installer for Linux.https://bitnami.com/stack/concrete5/installer...

I find this approach to be quick, easy and uncomplicated.

There are a lot of tutorials for how to do this if you search for them. When I was getting started, I found Remo Laubacher's book: "concrete5 Beginner's Guide", Second Edition, by Packt Publishing to be invaluable in learning how to use bitnami.

Hopefully this gets you started.