Unable to connect to database error

Im reaching out because Ive recently setup a test site on another hosting provider as a backup to my current site. I've created a sub-domain on the new hosting site to accomplish this. I've moved all of my files to the correct sub-folder on the new hosting company, maintaining the same directory structure. I've backed up my concrete 5 db and imported to the new site. I've also modified all of the db info(name, username and password) to the correct info and updated this in my site.php file. I'm at a loss as to why the error message "Unable to connect to database., a database error occurred while processing this request.", is appearing and I need help solving this. Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello ahargett,

I recommend checking the database information again. After importing the database, you have to create a new database user, then add the user to the database. This step is required, since users are not typically imported with the database.

Then confirm that this new user is updated in the php settings.

Also make sure your Hostname is:

If it is still not working, your host may be experiencing issues with some of its services, particularly SQL.

I hope this helps,

ahargett replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks John-Paul. I actually figured out that the issue had to do with my database server information that was entered in the site.php file. I updated it to reflect the information of my new db server name and it worked correctly but now my site is throwing me more errors related to php. Here's my url: ionm.neuroalert.com/main