Unable to connect to database - WHY??

I've done some groundwork before posting and can't work out why I'm still getting this message.
My prompt in mysql (I issued in mysql "prompt \u \d @\h> " and am looking at a prompt of "concrete5 concrete5 @localhost", and the credentials specified on the page
show the correct host (by name / alias / ip-address etc., every variation tried)
Am I wrong to conclude, given the prompt (above) when I go into mysql via the command line that there is some permissions problem??
In case it helps, I'm using a browser on another PC on the local network, and HAVE set all database permissions for the mysql database (while logged into the PC hosting the C5). All permissions were set BOTH for 'localhost' and '%'... so I'm out of ideas.
Please please... save me hours of frustration, tell me what I'm missing. BTW I'm debugging an experimental install before sending the site into the wild. I'll be tightening up security etc. later, so fear no flames for any suggestions!!

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
are you sure your mysql server is accepting connections, if you are sure it is (connect via navicat or other app not phpadmin) give the /configs folder 777 as that is the only folder written to during install
hashbang replied on at Permalink Reply
Very much the suggestion Michael... it kept me busy all day, I installed MySQL-navigator and watched the MySQL logs

tail -f /var/log/mysql.log &

Unless I totally misread the MySQL docs, granting a 'user'@'%' permissions allows a user with that name to connect from anywhere, but despite going around in circles with different error messages, I decided to run firefox on the DBserver (to persuade it to allow a connection from 'user'@'localhost'
Here's the result from mysql.log ...

100113 0:24:10
6 Connect [email protected] on
6 Init DB concrete
6 Query SET NAMES 'utf8'
6 Query SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'
6 Query show tables
6 Query show create database `concrete`
6 Quit

The feedback from the C5 web interface is

mysql error: [1044: Access denied for user 'concrete'@'localhost' to database 'concrete'] in EXECUTE("show create database `concrete`")

I've checked that all files are rwx to www-data (in fact the entire structure is now chmod777).
Being new to MySQL, 'EXECUTE("show create...' looks strange to me, and if I'm wrong, I should probably be bugging the MySQL list. I'd very much value your opinion!!
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
someone had a similar problem, did you load the mysql extension in php?
hashbang replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks once again for your advice Michael. In case anyone else has a similar problem, I'd like to pass on how I got around the problem.

I concluded that the problem was down to DB permissions, but after several searches and forums, concluded the problem was NOT with C5.

I created an apache2 vhost pointing at phpmyadmin, purged out earlier attempts at creating the concrete user, recreated the database and granted all the rights from the phpmyadmin interface. From there, I didn't worry when the C5 content installation didn't respond immediately, as I could see the mysql.log tailing out it's work, eventually it came back reporting it's success.

I had qualms that I could have post-installation DB access problems from a different computer, but no, all is now working like a dream. Thanks again for your help... BTW - the php-mysql module WAS installed...