Unable to get permission key for access_file_manager

I have been busy for a while now on updating our sites and upgrading to V8.x For the most part this has gone well, of the 10 sites that I could upgrade 8 were 100% successful. This leaves me with 2 that I have not managed to upgrade, The driving force behind this is to move onto a new php7.0 based server. They are both on and when I follow the tried and tested procedure by swapping out the core for V8.1 or V8.2.1 I get the same error.

Exception: Unable to get permission key for access_file_manager

I have search the net and found reference to a similar issue with with a fix by inserting the key into the permissions table. I have also looked in the permissions table for the sites that did upgrade both the before and after but they are missing the aforementioned key. So I am somewhat at a loss to know how to proceed with this issue. Has anyone had this issue and how did you resolve it?


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