Unexpected Error after Upgrade


I'm running an instance of C5 on a hosted website, installed and upgraded using Softaculous through cPanel. A little while ago, I upgraded to v8.1 when Softaculous offered the option and I've just upgraded again to v8.2 (same route). However, the site is showing the following error, when I visit it:

Unexpected Error: Class \Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\CategoryTreeNodeKey does not exist

(Frankly, it was showing the error at v8.1 but I've not had the bandwidth to deal with it before now.)

I can login by visiting the Admin site, but the "public site" fails with this error.

I'm a noob sysadmin and rely on the helpful cPanel and Softaculous tools to manage my tiny little site.

What have I done wrong to create this unexpected error, and how can I remedy it?


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weyboat replied on at Permalink Reply
That file should reside in the concrete/src/Permission/Key/ folder.
If I were you, I would download Version 8.2 to my PC, extract the zipped file and via FTP, copy and paste the missing file into place.
Alternatively, replace the entire concrete folder and its contents with the downloaded one..
DrTimTurner replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for this helpful guidance.

Investigating following these directions led me to understand that I had established two instances of concrete5 on my website and was diligently upgrading the wrong one. I removed both instances and reinstalled, uploaded my backed up database and we're good to go!

Thanks for the help here.