Unexpected Error: Driver Not Found - SOLVED


I recently built a site with Concrete5 ( I was using Linux Economy hosting on Godaddy and decided to upgrade the hosting level in an effort to speed up the site. However, after the upgrade the site no longer displays and simply shows:

"An unexpected error occurred: could not find driver."

There's no way to log in or otherwise interact with the site.

I did copy down all the site files and backup the database prior to the upgrade. However restoring the database hasn't changed anything.

Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
That probably means some files are missing, can you re-upload the /concrete directory? (not the one you downloaded, but a fresh one so we know all the files are there)
ResidentNinja replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Thanks for the reply Mnkras! I did manage to resolve the problem. When I upgraded the hosting I accidentally switched from a Linux environment to a Windows environment. That was the cause of the error. Switching back to a Linux environment solved the issue.