Update from 8.2.0 to 8.2.1 - "page not found"; no updates ready on Dashboard update page

Searched forum for similar posts before posting this one.

!) Installed brand new instance of concrete5 with elemental theme placeholder content a few days ago with no issues as with many previous installs for other projects. Latest build at the time was 8.2.0, project is connected to community and now, a few days later when time is available to begin work on the project ...

2) Welcome page banner states ...
The latest version of concrete5 is 8.2.1. You are currently running concrete5 version 8.2.0.

3) Attempted update from there returns a 404 page not found error for ...

4) Check for updates on ...
returns ... No updates are ready to be installed.

5) Welcome page in Dashboard at ...
still shows update advisory banner with ...
The latest version of concrete5 is 8.2.1. You are currently running concrete5 version 8.2.0.

6) Can't get there from here!
This issue appears to be in the update pathway from a FRESH install of 8.2.0 which will not update to 8.2.1

7) Should I just blow away 8.2.0 and start with a fresh install of 8.2.1?
Is this a known issue for which there is or will be a fix or ?

Thank you.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
All you need to update is replace the /concrete folder on your server with the /concrete folder from a 8.2.1 download.

I usually rename the existing concrete directory to something like concrete_8.2.0 and then upload the new concrete directory and then access the site (this will take a few extra seconds as it's upgrading) if everything comes up fine delete the concrete_8.2.0 directory.
pro2ais replied on at Permalink Reply
Appreciate the response with the manual workaround.

However, any information on the bug/issue with the update procedure and its cause as outlined?
seaheritage replied on at Permalink Reply
Had exactly the same problem going from clean install of 8.2.0 to 8.2.1. Your solution worked perfectly.
Many thanks.