Upgrade to 5.4.2 disables javascript coda slider functionality and edit & add page options

I've just upgraded from to and the upgrade went smoothly.
Everything in my dashboard works as expected except all the content on my web pages can no longer be displayed. Furthermore my Dashboard Tab Edit button and Add Page buttons are inactive when clicked on. When I remove my coda slider javascript insertion in my header.php file under the header tags then the content is displayed but my coda slider functionality is disabled on the actual web page.


Before the upgrade Everything worked perfectly in

I've also tried using the following below and still no joy.

        $uinfo = new User();
        if($uinfo->IsLoggedIn()){ ?>
            <!--Logged In-->
        } else { ?>
<?php   } ?>

What else can be done to resolve this javascript conflict?

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zeetron replied on at Permalink Reply
I assume the Coda slider script appears to be conflicting with concrete's jQuery script. Once removed the dashboard tab works as expected but my website content ceases to function ultimately disabling my coda slider functionality. The trouble is I didn't encounter this problem with prior to the upgrade.

I have two templates in my "pages and themes" dashboard page. Both worked properly under The old template uses the coda slider script and works well with The new template has the same coda script but ceased to function after was installed.

On switching the old template works well but when I return to the new template I encounter the afore mentioned conflict. It also affects the roundabout gallery as you can see on the home page.

I've also attempted clearing the cache, using the "jQuery no conflict" script and refreshing the database tables under the Debug page on the dashboard but neither resolved the buggy issue.

Any suggestions will be immensely appreciated as I have already spent approximately 2 days trying to resolve this.
GregJoyce replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not at all familiar with coda slider. It looks like development ceased two years ago.

I viewed your page but I am not seeing any javascript errors in normal mode, can you pm me an account that has admin access?