Upgrading tells me I have latest version

I have version and I am trying to upgrade to version thus I cannot upgrade to version 5.5.

It either tells me I have the latest version or I if I manually upgade and run the script it tells me the same.

I have in the upgade folder and my source code is somehow pointing to these, so If I try to override this I get a blank page. I understand there should be nothing in the updates folder



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ericob replied on at Permalink Reply
Are there no developers of Concrete5 reading these forums? I am having the same problem. Either from the Dashboard, or from mySite.com/index.php/tools/required/upgrade.php, I am told that I am "Up to Date" and have the most current version installed.

This is NOT true. Where is the problem? What is making Concrete5 believe I am up to date with version and that there are no upgrades available?

The reason I wonder about *developers* of Concrete5 reading the forums is that most of what I've seen are replies from users in one of three forms. "I have the same problem! Help!" or "I've never had that problem." Or, what amount to GUESSES. Delete this file, rename that file, comment out this line delete that line maybe it's your hosting provider, blah blah blah.

Guesses are not helpful. "I've never had that problem" might possibly be useful, if only we could figure out why "YOU" haven't had the problem and "WE" have.

If no one can figure what's wrong with the upgrade process, can someone tell us how to do a fresh installation of Concrete5 (let's say version and *retain* all of the stuff that is our own site? Please, no guesses on this.

VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Version 5.5 has not yet been pushed through the upgrade path as its not currently the stable version of Concrete5, it is being held back partly to give 3rd party developers time to update their add on's and themes to work with 5.5, when there is an increase on this front, 5.5 will appear as the latest download and upgrade.

You can still get 5.5 from the download page, and use it as a fresh install.
thephilm replied on at Permalink Reply
Your concrete5 Install looks to the URL:http://www.concrete5.org/tools/get_latest_version_number... in order to see if it has the latest version.
Currently, that URL says the latest version is, so C5 thinks its up to date. I don't know why it's not the most recent version ( as of this writing), but that is what has kept my sites from being able to update by just clicking update.

There is an upgrade process that isn't too difficult:
1. Download the ZIP file fromhttp://www.concrete5.org/developers/downloads/...
2. Unzip the file.
It should unzip to concrete5.4.2.2/
3. Inside that folder - delete everything but the "concrete" folder.
4. Go back up a level and zip up the folder.

5. Copy that zip file to the /updates folder on your concrete5 install.
6. *** You may also want to clear and turn off your cache, turn off pretty urls and do a full backup of the files and database and put in a safe location. ***
7. Then - Navigate to /index.php/dashboard/system/update/
8. And run the update.
You should now be fully updated.
milhealth replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello "thephilm",
Happy New Year (to all!)
I'm not sure if you can give me any advice... but if you can, I'd sure appreciate any! :-)
I contacted one of the core people via e-mail, but am now trying to find where I send them a message via 'Account'/Support) since I haven't gotten a reply (which I usually do, but they must be very busy with the 5.5. issues people are having).

--> When I did the upgrade to I only had one issue that I was able to resolve. Everything was working fine. (I include this to say, I've done an update before).

A few days ago, I tried to upgrade to v.5.5. After doing so, my site was 'gone' except for one fatal error line regarding helpers/forms/line 20 or 21 (can't remember exactly which now). I wasn't sure what to do? I couldn't locate the instructions for this upgrade like there were for 5.4x).

Before doing the upgrade, I did a complete back-up, but could not 'locate' the updgrade file afterward (looking for it in the server files since I could not do anything from within my site, had no access).
--> I contacted Blue host, they couldn't find the back-up file(s) either.
--> They created a file for me (similar to what the original poster here mentioned), but the date was 2 Jan, this date was AFTER I did the unsuccessful upgrade and thought because of that, it wouldn't work? (although, maybe I should have tested it?). In any case, I'm not sure how to restore a back-up from the 'outside' of my site? Perhaps I should try.

--> Using Blue Hosts 'restore tool' (for the entire public_html directory), I used the date prior to when I did the update/grade. After, the public/front end of my site was restored, I was able to edit the blocks, etc. However, the DASHBOARD, was completely gone EXCEPT for the DB Wallpaper (background).

--> I followed another forum member's advice (he had the same problem re: Dashboard), he had gone back to 5.4x and/or also suggested (before the rollback) to delete the cache files.
--> I did try this, (I backed all of them up to my computer first), but I was unable to delete all of the cache files (error messages, "unable to delete ... they are no longer there"?) I tried a few other things too, to no avail.

I would like to upgrade to 5.5 but cannot do anything via dashboard (since my DB is gone).

I know I've put a lot of info here, but wanted to be as detailed/specific as possible.

Again, I appreciate any advice you can offer.
Thank you!! :-) Karen
DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Milhealth

Sorry to jump into the middle of a conversation here, but out of curiosity, was the database backed up before the upgrade to v5.5 was attempted? If not, this will probably be where the problem is being caused.
Backing up your root files is great, but you also need a backup of the database as the site is database driven. When you attempted the v5.5 upgrade, and subsequently ran the upgrade procedure, this may well have altered the database, therefore, reverting back to 5.4.x will conflict against the DB files. If this is in fact the case, can Blue Host also revert the database back to 2nd January, ie before the upgrade was attempted?

Also, just to clear up a few point in this post too, version was a "stepping stone" and only from were dashboards notified of an upgrade version available. Now I may be wrong, but I do believe that this is documented on the C5 site. Also, I'll point this out, but you are probably already aware, that v5.5 is not yet a stable release and many add-ons etc still aren't updated to work alongside v5.5, so please use this version with caution :)

Hope this helps in some way and good luck getting it sorted.
milhealth replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello! Don't be sorry :-) I appreciate your wisdom! Absolutely, I agree about the version just being out and not considered 'stable' yet. I have the 'shiney's (always like the new stuff!). I did back up the database, but then couldn't locate it nor could blue host. I did finally find it. I am very happy to say that this evening, I finally was able to get the new version installed and working just fine! I like a challenge and just keep at it until I figure it out.

Thankfully, the people (like you and others) on C5 forums are very helpful, and eventually you piece together the instructions you need. I also had a hunch I was missing/overlooking something small....
I followed another person's instructions (I am headed over to that post to thank them!) which were basically the same as C5's but written out a little bit different. Also, re: upgrade url...I was including the "www". Once I thought about that, I entered the url w/o the 'www' and bingo, it worked! :-) Thanks for including your thoughts and positive advice! Karen
DigitalCrate replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent, well done :)
No problem at all, enjoy Concrete5