Uploaded Theme not showing up in dashboard

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I uploaded my theme to the "themes" directory, but when i go into the dashboard to activate it, it does not show up? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Webmaster64 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi markmunsee,

Im no expert, just trying to help, but try going to the "Add Functionality" page and see if the theme is installed. This happened to me earlier today, and mine just wasnt installed.

Hope this helps,
marla replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ... I am having the SAME problem.
I purchased several themes.
I clicked on "install" ... and the button says INSTALLED.
Then I go to my website ... and view the available themes,
and the NEW ones I bought and installed do not show up. How come?
If anyone knows how to make this work ... please tell us!
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Check your Project page to see that the license has been "Associated" to your site. After that, go to your sites Dashboard and select "extend Concrete5" from the bottom left. You'll be prompted to first download, then to install. When that is done you'll be able to select it from your "themes" area in the dashboard.
hope this helps :)
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
For manual uploads, themes are to be loaded to the "Packages" directory
Michaelo replied on at Permalink Reply
Day one for me, so a few questions...
Surely it's possible to create and add my own themes?

Using normal convention, I created a new theme using the default theme as the basis and made some changes... The new theme is located in the theme folder but when I try to add it, it does not show...

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
If you search through the howtos, there is an excellent tutorial "How to create a theme from start to finish" by 12345J and Jordanlev.


There is plenty more in the documentation and howto pages, but that is the best.

There is also a great little book by Remo about theming concrete5, see the section near the end of
for a link to it.