using C5 for multiple domains on same server

I have a hosting account with dreamhost, and am working on my first C5 site. I currently have five different domain names/sites on my dreamhost account and want eventually convert all of them to C5 sites. Should I just use the one click install function dreamhost provides for each dir/domain, or is there some other method of using C5 on multiple domains that is preferred?

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globalnerds replied on at Permalink Reply
The install should be done on each domain's local drive (each domain should have it's own file path).

Each domain will also need it's own MySQL database.

My suggestion would be to copy the concrete5 zip file and install on each domain yourself without doing the one click install - just in case (I never really trust those).
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
It depends if you want multiple domains to point to the same concrete5 instance. For example you might have the domains and and want them to serve exactly the same pages. In this case, you would want to do a one click install for one of these, and then point the other one at that installation (not sure how to do that on dreamhost sorry). Don't forget to make sure config/site.php is setup as you would like it so the "Proper" domain is redirected to.

If of course you want five completely independent sites with different pages etc, then you need five separate installs, one click or otherwise.
mdzoidberg replied on at Permalink Reply
Also not sure if this free add-on would work for you but you can take a look;

Otherwise redirecting like someone mentioned here would be your best option.

Here is a guide from Dreamhost on how to setup domain redirection.